Our Services

Our Services

Lots of potential home buyers have the overall financial capacity to purchase their dream home, but may not be able to acquire it with a single immediate payment. A mortgage becomes a very attractive option, enabling the buyer to own the property today while spreading payments over time.

REBCo identifies the right mortgage product from the right mortgage lender for every given transaction presented by each unique prospective borrower. Identifying the right lender for the right transaction is very critical as to whether the prospect’s application will be approved for a mortgage or not and ultimately whether the estate agent’s transaction will close and commission earned or not.

Brokerage Services

REBCo provides services to partner Mortgage Lenders:

Deep knowledge of each lender’s preferred transaction and preferred borrower profile

Value Added to Mortgage Lenders
  • Facilitate increased sales of their mortgage products
  • Customer/Transaction Screening
  • Documentation Screening
    • Please contact us for our 10 point value added services to our lenders

REBCo provides services to Developers and Estate Firms and Agents:

We facilitate sales to off takers, potential buyers and potential mortgage seekers. Developers are able to quickly sell their units and Estate Agents culminate their sales and earn their commission.

Value Added to Developers, Real Estate Firms & Agents
  • Estate Agent is able to close his sale and take his commission
  • Ultimately Estate Agents & Developers are able to close multiple deals and SELL more units.
  • Developers are able to rely less on bank funding and more on sales to offtakers, thus offer more reasonable pricing.

REBCo provides services to our esteemed clients and mortgage seekers:

Facilitates the mortgage process for our clients. We work closely with the client as well as the mortgage lender to identify the right product from the right mortgage lender for our client’s unique transaction. Furthermore, we assist in the prequalification, processing, approval and disbursement processes.

Value Added to potential home buyers, potential borrowers and mortgage seekers
  • Right match to the right product from the right lender
  • Documentation assistance
  • Saving borrower time, effort and money
  • Personal contacts with lenders helps fast track transactions

Advisory Services

We provide advisory services to mortgage lenders: Policies, Processes and End to End consulting

  • Primary mortgage industry
    • Mortgage Lender advisory services including :
      • End to end Training services
      • Sourcing Funding
  • Secondary mortgage industry